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Alaniz Carpet carries a complete line of products from the world's leading manufacturers. Listed are the featured brands we carry for your home or office.


Installation is the most critical step to ensure the overall performance and appearance of your new floor. We have professionally trained installers that will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the end results. If you have purchased your carpet from another company, we will install your carpet and put down padding. For an immediate quote, please contact us:  *  Call 30112345678 


Commercial Carpeting

Our commercial carpets are designed for any business solution. Styles in our collection are designed for any office size, from the smallest home office to the largest office building. These carpets can be installed in day care centers, office buildings, retail stores, real estate offices, commercial rental properties, hotels, and many other applications.


Residential Carpeting

In conjunction with all the major carpet manufacturers, we have assembled our "special line" of residential carpets. Our “special line” caters to any residential application. Whether you are an apartment building owner where low cost is an important factor, home owner or a custom homebuilder requiring high style at wholesale-direct prices, these carpets will fit any budget or decor.

Our relationship with the country’s leading mills enables us to offer substantial discounts to the business community and general public. For an immediate quote, please contact us:  *  Call 30112345678


Carpet Styles

Choosing the carpet style that fits you best is a little more complicated than choosing a carpet color. Rather than merely an aesthetic preference, the style of your carpet should be determined by such factors as traffic frequency, desired comfort, durability, and room locations. Here is a quick list of some of the more popular carpet styles:

Plush Carpet

This is an inexpensive carpet popularly used in apartments and other high-use residential locations. You can find it in almost any color imaginable, but it is a single-color style. Because Plush carpets feature an even-height yarn pile height, footprints and vacuum marks will be visible.

Texture Carpet

This is a type of Plush that gives the carpet a richer - or "textured" - look, and it reduces the appearance of footprints and vacuum lines. As such, it is typically a little more expensive than standard Plush.

Frieze Carpet

This elegant carpet style features very tightly twisted tufts, giving it incredible durability and resistance to footprints and vacuum marks. It comes in a variety of colors and, if properly cared for, will stay looking beautiful for 20 years or more. Because of its attractiveness and resilience, Frieze is a very desirable carpet purchase.


The type of padding that goes under the carpet is almost equally important. There are several different styles to choose from that vary in weight, feel, performance, and of course, price. Here are the major pad types and a brief breakdown of their features and benefits:

Foam Padding

The most inexpensive pad, but also least functional. It typically will lose its cushion after little more than a year.

Rebond Padding

A very common residential pad made from recycled materials. It comes in many colors and thickness densities and holds up well over time.

Rubber Padding

A very heavy duty pad made entirely of rubber. Somewhat difficult to work with due to its weight, this pad will wear very well, and gives a luxurious walk.